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In this lesson we are going to cover the best way to start transcribing melodies, lines and solos. Transcription is the process of listening to a jazz recording and then working out the notes and rhythm aurally using your ears.

It is one of the most time effective ways to learn jazz and so I strongly advise that you incorporate transcription into your daily practice routine. Transcription is like taking a private lesson with the masters of jazz piano and the great thing about it is that you can choose exactly what you want to transcribe based on where you want to take your sound and your style of jazz piano. Download your free 30 day trial on the Transcribe website.

Download theory supplements, midi files, chord changes and full note-for-note transcriptions of every lesson. We are going to combine out knowledge of chord tone soloing with approach patterns, enclosures, and non-diatonic passing tones. Understanding these principles will give you line structure. In this lesson we explore general improv concepts such as: arpeggios, approach patterns, enclosures and turns and chord tone soloing.

Download the Transcribe software. The first step is to play the left hand voicings underneath the recording, This will give you an appreciation of where the notes are falling in relation to the chord changes. Utilise the features of Transcribe that are demonstrated in the lesson. Hi Hayden,would you kindly explain how to activate the pianokeyboard in Transcribe software so that it shows the notes being played by the sound file?

Thanx Hayden. Then play the record, and when you press pause, it will highlight a selection of notes. This is not always perfectly accurate, so you have to use your ears and aural skills, but it will give you a rough indication of which notes are being played. Hi Hayden, thanks for the lesson. Do you know if transcribe works with iPad, and if so, whether Spotify can be used as a the music source?

Jazz solo Transcription Service

If you have to download the music to your device you may end up having to buy this song right? Thanks for the heads up. Further research reveals that this also allows you to pull songs directly from your Spotify account: ronimusic. I have been meaning to create a forum post about Transcription software, and so we should create a detailed analysis of both. I will check it out and post my impressions on it. Hey Hayden! Playing the chords in the same time as the record is it really a need?

Because i feel like im spending more time looking for the right voicings with the right extensions that can fits with the record than just listening and transcribing melodies. Thank you for your time. This allows me to hear where the lines are starting and ending in relation to the underlying chord changes.

For the next step I will then start to transcribe the melody notes with the knowledge of the underlying harmony. Knowing the underlying harmony gives me more clues and insight into what the melody notes could be, ie. It just gives me extra information. Ultimately, do what works best for you Guillaume, the key goal here is to play along with the records to improve our phrasing and sense of jazz feel.

Introduction To Transcription In this lesson we are going to cover the best way to start transcribing melodies, lines and solos.

Lesson Downloads. Join PianoGroove Pro to access all downloads and learning resources. Related Lessons We are going to combine out knowledge of chord tone soloing with approach patterns, enclosures, and non-diatonic passing tones.

Practice Tips Shortlist a selection of your favourite records ready for transcription. Check out the transcription thread in the forum for more information.We transcribe your favorite jazz solos for you.

easy transcription jazz

We can also adjust your favorite solo to your instrument, no matter which one. Our professional jazz transcribers will create custom sheet music for you that fully adapts to your needs. We transcribe every note one by one and always provide the sheet music that suits your needs.

We are a team of skilled, talented musicians with extensive experience and we strive to provide top-notch quality transcriptions and the best customer service. Revisions, amendments, and transpositions can be provided upon request.

Your music and satisfaction are very important to us. This usually includes drums, bass, piano and guitar. With that, you will all be able to follow the whole piece and see what the rhythm section is doing. A rhythm chart is often used in jazz and, instead of transcribing all the notes accurately, will also encourage you to play more freely and to improvise during the solo parts of the song.

An accurate, note-by-note transcription is more expensive and rigid than a rhythm chart. Yes, definitely! We transcribe all kinds of songs and music genres! Please send us your music and we will surely be able to transcribe it for you.

We have an expert for every instrument in our team who will be taking care of that particular instrument requests. Do not hesitate and ask us! We definitely can. We will transcribe the sheet music and generate a midi file with two separate channel. Then, upload it on Youtube for you to enjoy. Yes, we can. We can send you a basic backing track using midi and VST instruments, but a high quality recording with session musicians is also an option.

Piano Transcriptions. Jazz Transcriptions. Arrangement Sevices. Piano Jazz Solo. Piano Jazz Trio Solos. Piano Blues Transcriptions. Vocal Lead Sheets. Bass Tabs. Violin Transcriptions. Saxophone Transcription s.

easy transcription jazz

So far, we have worked with a large number of musicians that have trusted us to transcribe their projects: CDs, full musicals, music festivals, songwriter projects,… there is nothing like working with other musicians around the world!

Send us the pdf and we will take it from there.These free bass transcriptions are provided for educational use only click on the transcription title to view and download the pdf. You can donate via Paypal here:. Most are note-for-note transcriptions of bass parts, some are chord charts and others are a combination of the two. W Wham! Thanks so much for sharing your transcriptions.

Made my day — thanks again. I use Sibelius for writing things out. So many thanks for sharing such a great work, wonderful transcriptions, a model of precision and clarity. Great transcriptions.

Many thanks for sharing them. I have been looking for ages for a notation transcription of hit me with your rhythm stick. Any chance?? It would be greatly appreciated. Got to play it Sat.

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Thanks Tom, great work! Love your page. Just noticed one mistake, though… Take a loot at the 1st chorus in Fluorescent Adolescent… the first 6 bars should be condensed into 4. Awesome site Tom.

As a fellow bassist, you have motivated me to post my transcriptions. My charts are all for contemporary praise music. Ron Wright. Hey Tom, great, great transcriptions, thanks a lot! Regards Xiron.

Thank you, beautifully presented, the people that utilise this site should be grateful to have such quality…love it.Learning the solos of great drummers note-for-note is a great way of expanding vocabulary, skill, technique, and attunement with your drumming heroes.

While attending Duke University, my teacher Paul Jeffrey encouraged me to transcribe numerous solos, document them in musical notation software, learn them, memorize them, and eventually play them real-time from memory along with the actual solo. At first this seemed like a daunting task, but as I worked at it I was able to make progress, and it helped me tremendously. For those who may not know, Buhaina is another name that Art Blakey adopted.

Feel-good song mixing afro-cuban rhythm with swing feel. This solo will give you ideas for playing fast and forceful. A quintessential solo for building a nice vocabulary of ideas for uptempo songs. Notice the subtleties in the phrasing, accent placement, and over-the-barline rhythmic figures.

Short and sweet solo mixing swing 8th notes with triplets. The 5th set is a classic Max Roach rhythm. Pick any one of the 4-bar phrases, slow it down with a metronome, and add it to your drumming vocabulary. Or learn the whole thing and play along with the record for maximum enjoyment. Short medium-tempo solo over a bar blues form.

Philly Joe Jones uses simple and precise rhythms to ensure the band can come in cleanly after his solo. The 5-let in the first bar is a very common Philly Joe Jones lick, which uses an inverted paradiddle-diddle sticking to take up one-and-half beats.

The same lick can be played as a sextuplet rhythm and take up a single beat. This is a great album to put on your headphones and play along the whole album. This bar solo is filled with easy-to-hear, rhythmically precise phrases. I particularly enjoy the 4-bar phrase starting at bar 21, which Philly Joe Jones plays in various ways on other recordings as well. Smooth and tasty bar solo.

Notice the difference between usage of the bass drum four-on-the-floor versus when it is absent, and same with the hi-hat on 2-and-4 versus when it is absent. Notice a couple times he keeps the ride pattern going into the first bar of his solo before getting off the ride onto the drums. Two Bass Hit starts with a bar drum solo with accompanying horn hits before John Coltrane takes the first blowing choruses.

It is clean, rhythmically precise, and easy to hear, making it a great solo to learn and memorize. Fast-paced, mostly triplet-based solo. I particularly enjoy the phrase in bars 13 and 14 which is fun to learn and play in other contexts and tempos. You can hear that Roy is playing the song form and quoting the melody at many points throughout. This is a great solo for developing the ability to play solos that match with the song form and give the rest of the band clear phrasing so they can keep track of where you are in the form and come in clearly at the end of the drum solo.

Another great solo idea is to play triplets alternating each note between hand and bass drum, where the hand moves around different parts of the drumset, as in bars 7 and 8. These transcriptions are all offered freely for educational use.

If you feel benefitted by them and would like to make a donation using the button above, it would be accepted with gratitude.At the moment this page is not available We promise to create this page as soon as possible.

Also you can write us with any question. See you soon :. Allen Toussaint. Alexis Weissenberg. Andre Mehmari.

Andre Previn. Antonio Farao. Art Tatum. Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.

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Barry Harris. Bill Charlap. Bill Evans.

easy transcription jazz

Billy Taylor. Brad Mehldau. Cedar Walton. Cesar Comargo Marriano. Chick Corea. Claude Bolling. Cory Henry. Cy Walter. Danilo Rea. Dave Brubeck. Dave Grusin. Denis Matsuev. Donald Lambert. Doodley Moore.

Earl Hines. Earl Wild. Eddie Higgins.Projazz Lab tools for jazz musicians. Chambers Beautiful love bass line by D.

Holland There is no greater love bass line by R. Carter Countdown bass line by P. Chambers Easy to love bass line by R. Brown Just squeeze me two feel bass line by N. Carter I let a song go out of my heart bass line by O.

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Pettiford Jeannine bass line by S. Jones Humpty Dumpty bass line by E. Gomez That old feeling bass line by R. Brown Pannonica bass line by M. Vitous All the things you are bass solo by L. Vinnegar Along came Betty bass line by J. Merritt Desafinado bass line by R. Carter You look good to me bass solo and line by R. Brown Chi-chi bass line by P. Heath Confirmation bass line by G. Mraz Matrix bass line by M. Vitous Time was bass solo by P.

Chambers Isfahan bass line by C.This page lists guitar solo transcriptions that are available somewhere on the Internet. Here you can find more about the best web sites that offer free and paid solo transcriptions.

Please let me know. Theme is available. Audio is available. Requires Google Docs account. Tablature is available. MP3 file with slowed down version is available. Includes tablature. MP3 file is available. MP3 file with a slowed down version is available.

RealAudio file also at slowed down version is available. Trioing Petri Krzywacki Includes tablature. Solo analysis is available. Includes tablatures. Slowed-down audio file is available. Includes guitar tablature.

Introduction to Transcription

Pat Martino St. Bb and Eb versions are available. The MIDI file is available. Transcription by Olivier Boyer-Masutti. Net Includes tablature. Scooby-Sax So Killing,Man! Italian version. Solo Transcriptions Guitar. Recent posts.

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